Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Barbra Streisand & Leather pants

I'm sure you've all heard this song (if not, please do.) My friend Joey showed it to me a few months ago and ever since it's the song that gets me into party mode instantly. Speaking of party, I wore this for Hugo's birthday a few weekends ago. I had actually just gotten home when these pics where taken so please, excuse my worthless effort to look sober in them. I've had these leather pants for 2 years maybe and I've only worn them about 3 times! One of those times I wore them to a VAMPIRE WEEKEND concert with Vans and a Zara chunky vest. They are so comfortable and I love how you can mix and match them with almost anything.

More wants/needs & song

Ok, so here is another list of wants/needs/cravings.

I have ran out of my Rosie tint make up and simply can't live without it. I'm not a big make-up fan but having pink cheeks (and curled eye lashes) are a must in my idea of the "perfect" natural do.

As you can see, I'm going through a big shoe phase, it's starting to worry me, but I'm known for having no limits... and when it comes to shopping, I can be broke but I'll get the money even if it means having to sell lemonade at my door step. (jokes)

Have you seen the new THIN Toblerones??? I wan to try those right NOW!

How about those studded Ca Caos? Aren't they awesome? I can't chose which I prefer, those or one of the Su-shi bags. Maybe the Su-shi shoes.

For a little "share" of the afternoon:


(I don't know how to make the you tube video show up so if you do, I'd love your tips and help)

Another share of the afternoon: two awesome pairs of shoes I bought yesterday:

Do you love them? 


Here are a few X-mas wants, needs, craves...whathehell, WHIMS!
I already got myself a pair of Hunter boots a few X-mas's ago, but these Jimmy Choo ones have been pulling my eye for a while. I can't have enough Jeff. C's or Sam Eds., and I just need a Kiwi Strawberry Snapple in my life right now or a Peach one would be great too.
I'll post some more X-mas lists up soon.

Just a random question: have you seen the movie Ramona & Beezus? I know it might sound extremely childish but it is officially my new favorite movie. Maybe it's because I was in the whole Thanksgiving mode but I cried like I haven't cried in a movie in a long time and laughed so hard my stomach still hurts (I really think Ramona's character was based on me).
Ever since we got Apple TV, all I do is watch movies, like for example, this CRAZY ASS movie you have to watch if you're into scary/crazy/weird movies: HUMAN CENTIPEDE.

Enough of that.

BIG toast for BARCA who beat MADRID 5-0 tonight!!! It seems that every time a MADRD-BARCA game goes on, the world goes crazy (considering it's NOVEMBER and it SNOWED in Madrid today!) I loved today & this is what I wore to the game, nothing out of this world just a simple cozy outfit with rain boots to fight any unexpected weather craziness.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It always seems like you're going somewhere

Too bad I cant remember 1/2 of this night (and thank God for Hugo and his super boyfriend powers who came to the rescue that night, as usual...) but as I update this blog till my "now & every days" I'll keep uploading recent pictures starting from this summer up to the current date.

I've decided I'm going to create a "What I want for X-mas but don't expect to get" list and show it to you (just in case you're feeling giving at this time of year (puntos suspensivos)

Just to give you a start up: I'm in urgent need of some new Jeff. Campbells & an Iphone (funda) I guess you could say... Iphone (case)?
Excuse my "spanglish", I've forgotten how to speak both languages, (all in all how to speak) and have to improvise a bit...

Random Pd: I think I miss Daniela A. a little too much...

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

I'm sure you've all heard about her, seen her pictures or simply adore her like I do.
Everything about her is a messy effortless perfection. It's like an "I don't give a f*ck" look that simply blows my mind.
Not to mention she looks a lot like another one of my favorites: R Bilson...

Just an example of what I like; unique, careless and one of the few who are not "try hards" and just a copy of everyone else.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kinect & Summer reminiscing III

Just got invited to KINECT  try out! (and free catering!)
I should not have had those home made onion rings (made obviously by my favorite professional cook, aka: HUGO)

Will post a few things tonight, stay tuned!

For now I leave you with a few more "summer reminiscing" pics taken in July/August in our get away to Mallorca.

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