Monday, November 22, 2010

Amsterdam 2010

Last week, Hugo (my boyfriend) and I went to Amsterdam! I had been there before but in my opinion, every time you visit a place you see it with a different perspective, so I had a lot of fun "discovering" another "point of view" and side of Amsterdam.
For instance, I discovered I have a SERIOUS obsession for these "dutch donuts" called, I believe, "Oliebollen". They were absolutely amazing and I'm not exaggerating, I may have had...20 in 4 days! Hugo was so embarrassed, he stood away from the stand every time I went to order them :P
We went to the typical touristy places like the HEINEKEN, Ana Frank, IamSTERDAM and BULLDOG cafe, etc., but we also tried cool places that awesome SABRINA from recommended, like MOMO's and BOCINQ and other greats places recommended by fantastic TESS & SARA from  
Thank you guys :)

You have to definitely go to NUMMER 9 & SPRMRKT  if you're ever in Amsterdam!

With that said, If you are wondering what the last picture is... It is a sequence collage of me fooling around in the hotel bathroom. You had a remote control and could control the lighting in the room, so while I "danced" around, Hugo changed the lights and it looked pretty cool!