Monday, November 29, 2010

It always seems like you're going somewhere

Too bad I cant remember 1/2 of this night (and thank God for Hugo and his super boyfriend powers who came to the rescue that night, as usual...) but as I update this blog till my "now & every days" I'll keep uploading recent pictures starting from this summer up to the current date.

I've decided I'm going to create a "What I want for X-mas but don't expect to get" list and show it to you (just in case you're feeling giving at this time of year (puntos suspensivos)

Just to give you a start up: I'm in urgent need of some new Jeff. Campbells & an Iphone (funda) I guess you could say... Iphone (case)?
Excuse my "spanglish", I've forgotten how to speak both languages, (all in all how to speak) and have to improvise a bit...

Random Pd: I think I miss Daniela A. a little too much...