Thursday, December 16, 2010

Technical problems...

Hey guys!
My computer is officially dead. Incredible Mr. fix-it/know-it all aka: Hugo, is trying to fix it for me. Like actually tearing my computer open bits by bits.
Ironically my dad asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas this year... I think a new Mac Book Pro will be on the list now. Dammit

I promise very cool outfits posts as soon as I fix the problem. For now I have my little brothers computer but he has a timer programmed and his internet shuts down at 1 am so I'm basically writing this at the speed of light!

For now I leave you with todays outfit AND MY INFLATABLE CHEEKS. I try to hide them in the pics but it's inevitable for these bubbles to show. My dentist has decided to leave me amorphous for life and my cheek is still swallen and green 5 days after my wisdom teeth removal. It hurts.

If you have any questions, ask away!

* Chic@s si quieren que escriba en Español tambien, diganmelo! *

Stop by soon for surprises!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas on its way...

I'm so disappointed! I finally received my Jeff C's yesterday... UNFORTUNATELY & in addition to my perfect luck, they are HUGE on me...BOTH of the pairs I ordered. I am gonna have to return them but it is such a long and complicated process that I officially hate them. Maybe (hopefully) I'm creating a scene in my head and 2morrow when I go & return them it will be a piece of cake.

On another hand, I am still waiting for a few more orders to knock on my door. HOPEFULLY they'll get here before I leave for the holidays. (and will actually fit me!)

What do you think of these items? I am in love with the purple bag and the Denmark booties! hint hint

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Summer time & the living's easy

Just found these pictures in Hugo's little brothers camera. I had completely forgotten about them! Thank God in about a week I'll be taking a break from this winter, at least for a while!
I actually still feel like crap and seeing pics like these just makes me feel a little better. I think the anesthesia has not gotten along with my body this time and its making me throw up everything I can possibly TRY to eat considering I can hardly open my mouth. 
F*ck wisdom teeth removal.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dog Days Are Over

I feel like complete sh*t. I got my "muelas de juicio" removed yesterday and have been throwing up blood all night (disgusting i know, I can get a little too blunt sometimes.) I can't sleep and I just want this to go away.
I promised outfit posts so here's another one.The shorts are officially huge on me, another thing that will be added to my "clothes for sale". Have you checked my shop out yet?

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Excuse me while I kiss the sky

I am in love with this leather studded jacket. Surprisingly though, I've only used it once before! As you can see, I've been adding a few heals to my wardrobe, you cannot imagine how comfortable these shoes are.

For those who might say "this girl can't cut pictures for sh*t", don't worry, I do it like this on purpose, I think I like the messy, "collage-like" touch.

I'm getting 2 teeth removed in a few days. I got my other 2 removed before Amsterdam. I hate the feeling and how I look like the kid from "Up". At least Hugo and his little brother think I look cute.

Hang with Me

I promised outfits posts and here are few!!! But I promise even more fun & better ones by the end of this week.
Today was beautiful. Hugo took me by surprise to a delicious "Churreria" in the city and then we walked around Plaza Mayor and saw all the pretty Christmas stands! I love the feeling the center of a city can give you at this time of year. I tried stopping by "Mercadillo San Miguel" but it was so crowded, it overwhelmed me and I had to leave as soon as I set foot inside. I did get a hold of some delicious macaroons though... We then ate Kebab (yes, I am a vegetarian but I eat fallafel Kebabs and they are ridiculously good.)
When I got home I had a gift from Vivienne Westwood and I can't wait to show you!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Opposite Of Adults

I've decided I'm gonna reminisce a little more and post up a few old pictures. (Oldie but Goldies)
2010 has flown away. I'd appreciate it if 2011 takes it a bit slower considering 2012 is the end.

These were in Mallorca (2009)

These were in Baqueira (Start of 2010)

These were in Prague & Berlin (start of 2010)

These were in a little hiding spot Hugo and I have and as you can see in the last pictures, we decided to take some friends of ours later on in the year. (2010)