Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights

Just in case you haven't heard this AMAZING song yet, I wanted to share it with you.
It's been on repeat all day! Definitely a perfect song for this season, makes me feel all tingly inside and I can't hold my exitement that after 10 years (since I moved from Peru to the states) I haven't spent X-MAS in PERU or with my whole family! This year I'll finnallyy get to share my favorite day with all of my favorite people (and of course my most favorite of all: Hugo!) Weird thing about it, it's gonna be my first SUMMER X-MAS in a long time. Strange, huh? Santa Claus in a bathing suit...

Any way, sorry I haven't uploaded lately, I've been very busy, but I have very cool things comming up! I am not home tonight and I had a few things I wanted to share with you but that can wait until tomorrow. For tonight I leave you with just a few things I can't get my eyes off of and another few things I recently bought! 

What do you say, black or white?

I've been looking for "military" boots for a while and finally found the ones I love and have them on my "wishlist" until further notice. Those shorts will find their way into my closet asap! About the fur coat, I know I already have a similar leopard fur coat, but how cool is this one? 2 similar pieces never hurt anyone...

How awesome are those Givenchy Rubber Riding Boots? What about the Givenchy Calf hair ankle boots? 
I am in love. Too bad my piggy bank is a little anorexic...

Here are my latest purchases.
Brown Boots & Glitter shoes (Iphone pictures, sorry for the bad quality), JC Lita's, DP studded boots,  JC Ticks & a cute pair of sunglases. What do you think, love them or hate them?

Last but not least, on a more "personal" note, yesterday I went to my favorite sushi place with one of my favorite people: Marta. A friend of mine who I'll introduce to you soon since she just made herself a blog as well! This morning I took her to class and then we went to Le pain Quotidien and had an amazinggg "typical spanish" breakfast. (I posted a few pics on twitter) I love girl time.

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