Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hang with Me

I promised outfits posts and here are few!!! But I promise even more fun & better ones by the end of this week.
Today was beautiful. Hugo took me by surprise to a delicious "Churreria" in the city and then we walked around Plaza Mayor and saw all the pretty Christmas stands! I love the feeling the center of a city can give you at this time of year. I tried stopping by "Mercadillo San Miguel" but it was so crowded, it overwhelmed me and I had to leave as soon as I set foot inside. I did get a hold of some delicious macaroons though... We then ate Kebab (yes, I am a vegetarian but I eat fallafel Kebabs and they are ridiculously good.)
When I got home I had a gift from Vivienne Westwood and I can't wait to show you!