Thursday, December 2, 2010


Tonights post is dedicated to my one and only.
Only 6 months till I'm officially living there again, except this time Hugo will be by my side.
These pics were from Nov. last year but I wanted to share them with you because this time of year is normally when I visit NY (except this year) and I just have this NYC X-MAS weakness. Madrid is Ok for X-mas season but I simply DON'T FEEL IT (in my fingers, bones or anywhere!) In NY you just smell X-MAS in the air! Everything reminds you it's almost here! Songs in every store, X-MAS carolls, lights, Starbucks coffee, the smell of homemade cookies, ginger breads, trees and decorations, SALES, anything that can possibly be going on simply screams X-MAS!
Madrid can't pull that off, not for me at least.
This trip was amazing. First 2 days we stayed at our friends Ale & Raffos apt. but the next 5 days my friend Erica lent us her beautiful apartment while she went on a trip to London.
It was Hugos first time so we obviously had to visit all the touristy places like Times square, FAO Shwartz,The Empire state, etc., but all in all we ate at delicious places, had brunch every morning (another of my weaknesses: a BIG American brunch; pancakes, waffles, french toasts, BAGELS, and of course I never forgot my SNAPPLE.) We were there on Thanksgiving so we got to have a typical American thanksgiving lunch/dinner at one of my best friends house in New Jersey, we hit BLACK FRIDAY crazyyyy sales (obviously I had to pay extra for heavy luggage: story of my life!), we even came out on a big ad on Times Square! I just loved every single minute of it!

On another note: here are a few items I have my eye on. I couldn't help myself and went shopping again today. I even ran into a Victoria's secret store! I almost cried.

How beautiful is that Mango dress?
I'm doubting if I should buy both ballerinas or not. Which one do you like more?
Those Senso Wilmas are insane. I saw similar Kandee ones but can't decide which ones are worth the buy. (Is it too obvious I'm going through a shoe phase? I guess we all have one of those...don't we?)