Thursday, December 16, 2010

Technical problems...

Hey guys!
My computer is officially dead. Incredible Mr. fix-it/know-it all aka: Hugo, is trying to fix it for me. Like actually tearing my computer open bits by bits.
Ironically my dad asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas this year... I think a new Mac Book Pro will be on the list now. Dammit

I promise very cool outfits posts as soon as I fix the problem. For now I have my little brothers computer but he has a timer programmed and his internet shuts down at 1 am so I'm basically writing this at the speed of light!

For now I leave you with todays outfit AND MY INFLATABLE CHEEKS. I try to hide them in the pics but it's inevitable for these bubbles to show. My dentist has decided to leave me amorphous for life and my cheek is still swallen and green 5 days after my wisdom teeth removal. It hurts.

If you have any questions, ask away!

* Chic@s si quieren que escriba en EspaƱol tambien, diganmelo! *

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