Monday, January 10, 2011



First of all HAPPY 2011! How did you all recieve your new year?
I am sorry for the lack of posts! I went away to PERU for Christmas vacation (I had not spent Christmas/New years with family and friends in PERU for almost 10 years-since I moved to the states when I was little) So I was overwhelmed with plans and family visits and all that kind of stuff that kept me from taking outfit pics and being able to post (apart from the ugly fact that my computer died) I will be getting it fixed or getting a new one soon, for now I am using Hugo's, so please, bare with me.

Peru was amazing, as ALWAYS. I saw a few of my friends (many were away on vacation considering in that side of the world it is summer vacation) but also, this trip was mainly a trip to be with my family, and I got to do that, so it was very relaxing and fun. We went to PARACAS(a beach to the north of Lima) I went to CUZCO & MACHU PICCHU for the first time, we went sailing in my grandfathers boat, ate DELICIOUSSS Peruvian food... all in all it was perfect. Stay tuned, I have a gazillion new pictures!

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