Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts. I just got my computer back.
Today I just feel like writing a quick random post of things I just thought and came to my head while taking a hot bath before bed:

  • People need to stop criticizing and hating on things they actually like or really wish they had.

  • I hate running out of conditioner and soap! But specially conditioner 'cause with soap I can improvise with one of the 1583 other bottles in my shower, but there is nothing I can replace for conditioner. (Someday I'll have to show u a pic of my shower, my friends love sleeping over because taking a shower in my shower is like taking a shower at a CVS)
I think I love drug stores more than actual clothes shops :O

  • I love food shopping with Hugo! It's fun convincing him everything is extremely necessary and essential in our lives. (specially when lots of different cheese, cup noodles, cookies, air freshener, cereal, brownie & cake mixes, frosting, risotto and Inca Kola imitation is involved.)

  • I don't think I've been to Ikea so many times in such little time ever before (and I've moved a lot in my life)
People there already know me, they even gave me a free hot dog today! (too bad they're not aware of how much I hate meat)

  • Some very nice items have arrived in my mail this week! I will show them to you soon!

  • I just cant get enough midnight How I met your mother marathons.

  • I cant stand online shops that don't erase sold out items. Clicking on an item I really liked and seeing sold out? Like teasing a baby with candy.

(I told you, random, but feels so good to let them out)

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