Thursday, June 16, 2011


Everyone that sees these shoes for the first time can't understand how they can even be "usable" and others think they're incredibly hard to walk in. Well, they're one of the most comfortable shoes I own and yes, they look like a monument but that's what I particularly love about them. 
Finally  got some color (Not in these pics yet though, of course) but I've been spraying lemon and extra oil and sitting by the pool with my Tinto de verano in hand and I look a little less like Casper.
This weekend we're having a little get away to Alicante and for the first time I will be driving such a long distance (without Hugo next to me, but in front of me instead). We will be driving 9 of our friends out to the beach and I cannot wait!
 It was about time it felt like summer was actually here!!!

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