Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stripes, blue, green & turquoise

Very simple colorful/summery look. 
A couple of life changing decisions are being made these days. I am extremely excited and can't wait for them to all be 100% official so I can share them with you!
My birthday is also coming up soon. THAT I'm not too excited about. I am not a big fan of my birthday.
You can send a macarron cake for me though...

Summer plans need to me made as well. I am guilty for being one of the biggest procrastinators you will meet. Specially when it comes to summer plans. There are either too many plans or none, or I simly cannot make up my mind but whatever it is, I guess I've learned to just let them...flow.
But heres a few plans I have in mind:

1. Yacht week
2. London
3. Ibiza & Formentera
4. Cadiz
5. Greece
6. My godmothers wedding in Peru
7. Hamptons
8. Key Biscayne & Bimini
9. Cannes
10. Playa del Carmen

What are your takes? Which would you chose? (Obviously all, but I think I'll have to stick to maybe 4?)

Today I had one of those "doble sesion" movie days. Hugo and I take a break from a day of partying (like last night) and go watch 2 movies in the movie theatre, one of them for free and this time we had the whole room for ourselves. We watched Hanna and The Dilemma.
Hanna was extremely weird and I found absolutely no meaning to it while The Dilemma was funny and cute but nevertheless very typical.

I think this is enough for making up for all the lack of writing I have been doing in the last posts?

Have a good rest of the weekend!

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