Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tempus fugit

Happy Birthday to me! 

I am officially 22. (June 28, 2011)

It is absolutely amazing how day by day nothing seems to change yet when we look back we realize...everything is different. Time flies and I hate it! In my time frame I am still 17.
Anyway, I want to dedicate today's post to the most unbelievably amazing boyfriend/person that has crossed my life.
He has been working on my birthday gift for over 3 weeks now and FINNNNAAALLYYY after all the mystery and sneaking around...I have been able to open and reveal the BEST (sorry, I'm short on words right now) gift not only anyone can give but MAKE for you. YES, my boyfriend doesn't go out to the store and buys me this months clothes cravings or anything of that sort...he works his ass off and makes something UNIQUE and special for me (and yes, I'm bragging like a bitch right now) but he deserves nothing but EVERYTHING.
Here are some pics of the result!!!

Apart from that, we spent tonight at one of my favorite restaurants and ordered the most delicious food! I created my own salad with feta cheese, all sorts of lettuce, bread crumbs, crunchy onions (like the ones they sell at IKEA), kumato tomatoes, emental cheese strings and pesto dressing! We also shared and amazing mushroom, garlic & parsley "tortilla de patata" (spanish omellete) and a side of bread with brie cheese on top!!! Like if that wasn't enough, we then had some strawberry daiquiris, Coronitas & Malibu with pineapple juice... (the Malibu and pineapple juice was one of the clues and part of the gift opening...considering my gift is made up of juice, milk, etc. boxes!) 

I am not a bif fan of "celebrating" my birthday, I like to take it as it comes and usually never plan anything but Hugo always manages to make it incredibly unforgettable and special.

GRACIAS AMORRRRRR!!! (se que leeras esto jiji)

I was so hungry/excited I couldn't even take a picture of the salad 'cause I ate it the minute it sat on the table
12:00 am, first calls/messages

My amazing lamp!
The most amazing person/boyfriend in the whole entire universe.