Thursday, July 21, 2011

Una vez mas, le pierdo el ritmo a la vida

Hi hello hi hi!
As you can see, I have added a Facebook page to Drifting Nomad. To be 100% honest, I never ever thought I'd end up doing a fb page. It's funny how it happened though. I got one of those ads on the right side of my fb page advertising "such and such" and for some reason, Facebook knows the pages you go on or what not and they used an example of Drifting nomad… so I decided to try out what it would look like. I didn't actually click on the "create" button or whatever its called but all of a sudden I started getting notifications (ok, clearly not that many… :P) and realized the page was actually activated!!
I blushed and felt hot cheeks and didn't know where to hide under the though of people I actually know finding about this dorky side of me… but for those who actually know me, and how little I care bout these insignificant things… I ended up leaving it. Why not? Hope you're all having a good week. As for me, I should be dieting and exercising my way to Greece, but none of that is actually happening. At the moment I'm making a cd for my dad and drinking some Tinto de Verano.

Como podrán ver, he creado una pagina de Facebook para Drifting Nomad. En verdad, y para serles 100% sincera, nunca en la vida me veía haciendole una pagina de fb, en realidad, paso de casualidad…la historia es algo graciosa. Pero el resultado fue a pesar de no estar de acuerdo, cambiar de opinión de la nada y dejarla! porque no? 
Espero que esten teniendo una excelente semana! Yo debería estar haciendo dieta y preparandome para Grecia, pero obviamente nada de eso esta pasando. En cambio le estoy haciendo un cd a mi papa mientras me tomo un claaasico Tinto de verano.