Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Maktub is an alchemist term (arabic word) which literally means it is written. Basically that everything happens for a reason, destiny exists.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to the premiere of this MAGNIFICENT movie. I say MAGNIFICENT and in capital letters because truly from the bottom of my heart  I can say that is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time (and I go to the movies every Wednesday and on weekends!) As Hugo (my boyfriend) said, the perfect definition for the movie is a "dramedy," we're not sure if that term even exists but it perfectly expresses what I felt during the film, a non-stop of laughter followed my tears and tears followed by laughter and a mixture of both .... at the same time. It's a movie that leaves you with that gut feeling, with that little worm inside, and regardless of how sad and strong it is, it leaves you with a feeling of extreme happiness. It transmits a lot of positive energy and I can not have liked it more. 
I didnt know what to expect but it certainly has on past my expectations.

Maktub. Probebio Arabe popular que significa "Estaba escrito", lo que significa que siempre debió suceder. Basicamente que todo pasa por algo, el destino existe.
 Ayer tuve el placer de ser de las invitadas al pre estreno de esta MAGNIFICA pelicula. Digo MAGNIFICA y con letras mayusculas porque verdaderamente y de corazon puedo decir que es de las mejores peliculas que he visto en MUCHO tiempo (y eso que no me pierdo ni un dia del expectador!) Como dice Hugo (mi novio) el termino perfecto es una "Comedia dramatica", no sabemos si ese termino existe pero expresa perfectamente lo que senti durante la peli, un sin parar de lagrimas seguidas por risas y risas seguidas por larimas y una mezcla de las dos....a la vez. Es una pelicula que por mas que te deja el gusanito por dentro, que aun asi siendo muy fuerte y triste, te deja un sentimiento de extrema felicidad! Transmite mucha energia positiva y no puede haberme gustado mas.
No sabia que esperarme pero sin duda ha sobre pasado mis expectativas.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We are golden

I've had these gold pants for a while now...but couldn't find the occasion to wear them for. In between endless hours at work (where obviously I cant wear them to) and unexpected weekends plans...nothing seemed to work for my gold pants to leave the closet. Finally on Sunday I decided to wear them for a walk around the city and lunch with friends at a delicious mexican place in Chueca. 
Tomorrow I'll be attending the MAKTUB premier! I can't wait to tell you all about it! Check out their website here.
(Ps: random but, doesn't the background look a bit Lion Kingish?)

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Friday, November 25, 2011

polka dots and flats on the hunt for macaroons

I've been a bit repetative with the outfits latetly but with this whole moving out thing... my things are all packed in endless amounts of bags where my stuff is impossible to find or get out, so bare with me for a while. 

Blouse: Zara
Shorts: Queens W.
Bag: Zara

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Comfy & studded


Excuse my awkward & uncomfortable face & hair. Long day with a head band on after a long night. Quick post featuring my favorite Mango leggings and two of my favorite studded pieces, the bag and the boots.
Not only is it thursday, my favorite day of the week, but it's also thanksgiving! Enjoy everyone!!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 A few weeks ago a friend invited me to the "theater"... Little did I know... it was one of the coolest, weirdest, most unexpected SHOWS I have seen (and participated in) in a while. Fuerza Bruta, no longer in Madrid but if they're ever wherever you are, I most definitely recommend it!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

H&M & Versace preventa

 Wednesday was H&M & Versace's "pre-sale" event at the Gran Via H&M here in Madrid. It was a lot of fun, I was the girl eating everything that came her way, specially the chips & guacamole. The clothes were ridiculously cool but nothing I died for. The studded leather jacket is from the men collection and was actually one of my favorite pieces!

El Miercoles fue la preventa de Versace & HM en el H&M de la Gran Via aqui en Madrid. Fue divertido, yo era la chica comiendose todos los nachos con guacamole... en cuanto a la ropa... divertidisima pero nada que me matase.Esta chaqueta es de la coleccion de chicos y es de las cosas que mas me gustaron!

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