Thursday, December 8, 2011

Your only fear is possibility

Finally after having this cape for more than a year I decided to wear it. Its one of those accessories (if you want to call them that way) that you love when you see them but then never actually find the occasion to wear it or what to match them with. Now I cant get enough of it, it's the perfect excuse to go around with a cozy "blanket" yet looking somewhat "stylish"...(specially on my morning train rides to work, its like I never left my bed...ok, maybe not so much)
This week is absolutely crazy, I feel like its been Sunday all week with Tuesday and Thursday being holidays here in Madrid... but at least I've had time to keep organizing and decorating my new apartment, today for example, I went X-mas decoration shopping! :)
I'll be hosting a giveaway soon, are you interested? 

Despues de tener este poncho por mas de un año, finalmente encuentro ocasion y con que ponermelo. Fue de esas prendas que te encantan a primera vista pero despues acabas postponiendo el ponertelo por "A" o "X" razones. Ahora no me lo quito, es la escusa perfecta para ir con una "mantita" a todas partes.
Esta semana a sido rarisima. Supongo que para las/los que estan en Madrid me entienden que tener puente Martes Y Jueves te hace sentir que es Domingo todos los dias, al menos para mi ha sido asi, pero por lo menos he tenido tiempo para seguir armando el piso nuevo! Hoy por ejemplo, fui a comprar adornos de Navidad :)
Pronto hare un sorteo/"GIVEAWAY", quienes estan interesads?!

Cape: Asos
Sweater: H&M
Shoes: Uterque

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