Saturday, May 19, 2012


It's first communions season in Madrid, and this is the outfit I decided to wear to the last one I attended. I look pretty much like a human cupcake, if that term even exists, but I love how fun to wear it is though maybe not as easy to combine as other types of shirts. Regardless of not being the "tight" shirt type of person, this was the perfect exception. I guess it's like a miniature dress and thats what I like so much about how it looks. Of course, by the end of the communion I was running and dancing around barefeooted.


Es época de primeras comuniones y a la ultima en la que estuve decidi ir con este atuendo. Parezco una magdalena/un muffin rellena/o de pistacho o algo parecido, pero me encanta, aunque no suelo llevar camisetas "apretadas" esta era la perfecta excepción. Es como un mini vestido, me parece divertidisima de usar aunque a lo mejor no tan fácil de combinar como otras cosas. 

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