Thursday, August 30, 2012


Para los que no se han dado cuenta, hay una nueva sección en el blog llamada NYC STREET STYLE. Aprovechando estos días que estoy por aquí, he decidido fotografiar a todas las personas que llaman mi atención por la calle, esas personas normales y corrientes como uno mismo en las que encuentras mas inspiración que en cualquier revista de moda- y que mejor ciudad para empezar a hacerlo que en esta loca ciudad, donde el popurrí de mezclas, nacionalidades y personalidades destaca mas que en cualquier otro lugar... Iré agregando fotos según este aquí. Estos son mis primeros candidatos:


For those of you who haven't noticed, there is a new section on the right side of my blog called NYC STREET STLE. Taking advantage of the fact that I am here for a couple of days, I have decided to photograph every person that calls my attention on the streets, those ordinary people just like you and I, whom inspire me more than anything on a fashion magazine...and what better place to start this than in this crazy city where the mixture of styles, nationalities and personalities highlights more than in any other place... I will be adding pictures throughout my stay. Here are my first candidates:

Cool kids on the block. 3 very outgoing and spontaneous people who's pictures was very easy and fun to take. Their all in all cool and laid back outfits and the fact that they were together made a great combination of stylish looks.

Tanysha Eatom and HF Whyte- cool couple walking around 5th ave. who's all black outfits, her knee highs and cool shoe combination and his laid back white-t, jeans and untied boots where what I liked the most .

Security at Forever 21 on Union Sq. who asked to have his picture taken. All suited up and with a very kind personality.

Carmela & Adriana Osorio Lugo - 2 sisters from Venezuela whom I clicked with right away. They were sitting on a bench next to Rockefellers and as I sat down to have my Magnolia red velvet cupcake next to them, I knew they would know where I could find some cool vintage stores. Not only did they know but little did I know, we engaged in conversation on our lives and how they made it out in NYC!

Johanna Broughton - her hair, her necklace and her skirt caught me eye immediately. She very kindly asked the man if she could pose next to his paintings and I loved that little detail she had.

Lisa Jorfald- very cute girl with a Colombian background and a very simple and classy look walking around Union Sq.

This guy was going into Walgreens on Union Square and I couldn't help but notice his effortless cool look. His turban is what bought me at first.

Cute old couple and a very fashionable grandma who's jacket I fell in love with.

Rocco Malozzi - asked to buy a cigarette off of me while I was sitting outside Baby Cakes bakery on Broome st. As I opened the box and he saw it was my last one, he taught me a lesson with his distinguished and all in all cool Queens accent, "you never let anyone take your last cigarette." 

Guy at Starbucks on Park Ave. who very spontaneously asked to have his picture taken regardless of the grumpy man saying no pictures where allowed. With such a good contagious vibe, how could I say no?

Stay stylish NYC, I'm coming for you!!