Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life lessons


I shared this picture on my Facebook page and wanted to share it with you here as well. It's funny how a viral little random picture with a quote painted on top can speak so much of feelings many of us encounter yet never find the words to express or the courage to admit. Its amusing how day by day, nothing seems to change, yet when you look back, you realize everything is different. We don't notice change, especially little insignificant changes until we stop for a minute to think and "remember", it is then when we notice how tiny insignificant moments we took for granted now mean more to us than we ever thought could. People come in and out of our lives- some have been there since before we can even remember; some came, left a footprint and left, some are there but you never see them, some are always there, some are there in specific moments, others are there when they desire to do so or find it convenient, some seem like they are not there and could possibly be more aware of you and your life than you give them credit for... some where there once and when you least expected it, left, and no matter how many times they keep coming back, "they" the person you once knew, will never be there again. People change, they grow up, life gets in their way, and that's part of this unknown so called life we have to learn from. 

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them, but what others do and feel for us is not in our control.
 This might sound like a depressing venting post but my intention is the complete opposite. There comes a point in our lives when we have to realize that friends are not the ideals we make in our heads, or people you simply shared a couple of moments with. Friends are those who come into your life and never stop teaching you, someone you can be entirely yourself with without fear of being judged. Someone who is there, simply there, no matter how far away they are. A friend is not someone who once knew who you were, or thought they did, and after years of not talking or knowing anything about each other, comes back into your life thinking they know you or the life you lead and take the liberty of judging  or speaking of it as if they knew one single detail about you or it.  I once read a quote that stayed with me- "If someone wants to be a part of your life, they'll make an effort to be in it."  It is true, sometimes, no matter how hard it may be, and how unbelievable it may seem, some people don't only change they also just stop caring, and we just have to give up and let go. 

As I wrote on my twitter once: Chose your people wisely.

Have a great rest of the week!