Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Dear Marie,
Tell me what it was I used to be?

And if you're further up the road can you show me what I still can't see

Remember me?
I'm the boy you used to love when you were 15

Now I wonder what you think when you see me in a magazine

From time to time I'll go looking for your photograph online
But some county judge in Ohio is all I ever find

Dear Marie,
Tell me do you still believe in me?

Well, I got my dream, but you got a family
Yeah, I got that dream, but you got yourself a family
Yeah, I got that dream, but I guess it got away from me

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Friday, December 6, 2013


My friend Erika Paola Chávez is an amazing, creative and very unique interior designer.

Below you can see pictures of how she made her apartment in NYC's West Village a home combining her good taste and most of her necessities. 

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies8jpg_effected_zps0bbc6b98.jpg
 photo IMG_3454JPG_effected_zpsb5ab5a23.jpg  photo IMG_3441JPG_effected_zpse4bd3134.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies7jpg_effected_zps82df9601.jpg  photo IMG_3462JPG_effected_zps674b05a5.jpg  photo IMG_3442JPG_effected_zps39bf9682.jpg  photo IMG_3438JPG_effected_zpsda9065bf.jpg  photo IMG_3457JPG_effected_zps19c0a1f7.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies2jpg_effected_zps6d5d4f83.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunniesjpg_effected_zps51c4d011.jpg  photo IMG_3461JPG_effected_zps3a023757.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies3jpg_effected_zps59b27f0c.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies11jpg_effected_zps6b1db07b.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies10jpg_effected_zps07b34684.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies9jpg_effected_zps47678d47.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies13jpg_effected-001_zps9c87a0a1.jpg  photo rip-dietmrguguandgocupcakesweaterplatformoxfordspinkbeaniemr-bohosunnies12jpg_effected_zpsc9b629e3.jpg  photo IMG_3446JPG_effected_zps033a4cd0.jpg

Cupcakes, who doesn't love cupcakes? No offense, but you have to be extremely weird if you're answer is no. Specially now, only a few days away from going back "home", (and, I say "home" because it wouldn't be fair to only call one of the places I've live in home) I can't help but get mouth watering craving for cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes, Crumb Cupcakes, Butter Lane, Baked by Melissa, BabyCakes, Sprinkles, ANY will do. (For more, check my old NYC posts -here & here-where I have a small guide to some of my fave spots in NYC)
Do you have a special "must see" list of places in NYC? Any new spots that are worth the hype? Let me know!


Cupcakes, a quien no le gustan los cupcakes? Sin animo de ofender, pero tienes que ser bastante raro para que tu respuesta sea no. 
Especialmente ahora, a solo unos días de volver a "casa" (y digo "casa" porque no sería justo llamar casa solo a uno de los sitios donde he vivido) no puedo evitar que se me haga agua la boca de solo pensar en tomarme unos en Magnolia Bakery CupcakesCrumb CupcakesButter LaneBaked by MelissaBabyCakesSprinkles, donde sea me valen! 
(Para ver mas lugares, vean mis posts antiguos de otros viajes a NYC  -aqui & aqui- para ver una pequeña selección de algunos de mis sitios favoritos.)
Tienes una lista especial de sitios en NYC? Alguna recomendación o nuevo local que valga la pena conocer?


Sweater / Sudadera: Mr. Gugu&Go
Jeans: ASOS
Sunnies: MR. BOHO

Song of the day:

Sunday, November 3, 2013


 photo fall-winter-coats_zps1adcd6a8.jpg

Here are a few of my go to coats as well as some that are most definitely on my wish-list for these up coming months.
Continue reading to see the rest of the list!


Estos son algunos de mis abrigos favoritos y otros que todavía quedan en mi wish-list para estos meses. 
Sigue leyendo para ver el resto de la lista!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


 photo JACKETS_zps1b35f70b.jpg

I think we can all agree on the fact that every so often we go through phases. As of now, I must admit I am going through a jacket/coat phase. I find that for these upcoming months and this kind of weather they are the perfect touch in every outfit, adding that extra color, texture or vibe.
One of my favorite online stores, SheInside, always has the perfect amount and variety of fall/winter jackets and coats. 
These are a few of my favorites! Hope you like them!


Creo que todos podemos estar de acuerdo en el hecho de que cada cierto tiempo pasamos por fases. Ahora mismo, tengo que admitir que estoy pasando por una fase de chaquetas / abrigos. Me parece que para estos próximos meses y este tipo de clima son el toque perfecto en cada atuendo, agregando ese extra de color, textura y vibra.
Una de mis tiendas favoritas, SheInside, siempre tiene la perfecta cantidad y variedad de chaquetas y abrigos para otoño e invierno.
Estos son algunos de mis favoritos! 
Espero que les guste!


Black Lapel Long Sleeve Zipper Leather Jacket

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 photo TheManRepellerXSuperga_zpsb16735a0.jpg

For those who know me or have read my blog long enough, you are well aware of my great love for Superga.
The comfortable, classic and perfect sneakers.
And, I'm pretty sure you've all heard of Leandra, AKA: Fashion genius.
When two geniuses get together...
these are the results.


Todos los que me conocen o han leido mi blog lo suficiente ya saben lo muchísimo que me gustan las Superga.
Las clásicas, cómodas y perfectas zapatillas.
Estoy segura también, que si no todos, la gran mayoría, saben quien es Leandra (Génia de la moda) -
Cuando dos genios se juntan...
este es el resultado.