Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Though it is cliche to even bring it up, remember that giving is always better than receiving, "cause it's better to give, give, give than to receive, cause when you're giving you are getting the coolest gift of all...appreciation & love" (...Yes, I just quoted a Mary Kate & Ashley movie song) Christmas gets us in all sorts of ways, what can I say.

Here are a few nice ideas for your mom/dad, aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa, girlfriend/boyfriend or your bff's, for example.

Lot's & lot's of love.

For Her 
  photo christmasgiftguideforher_zpsebcb3861.jpg

For Both
 photo christmasgiftguideforboth_zps0b12f491.jpg
8. A trip to Vienna, Munich or provence (If you are in Europe) or a trip to Chicago, Charleston or Colorado (If you are in America)

For Him
 photo christmasgiftguideforhim_zpse15bb914.jpg