Monday, December 23, 2013


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"She looks like a little doll" my mom said when I asked if I would recognize one of the girls I would be car pooling with on my first day of what I believe was 2nd grade (if my memory doesn't betray me.) 

I always found Fernanda and her family to be some of the most unique and interesting people I knew.

Born and raised in Lima, PerĂº, Fernanda is now living her dream as a Holistic Nutritionist Coach & Raw Food Chef in New York City where she is continuing her chef training at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Her job in Cleanse NYC as a nutritionist and counselor for models is focused not entirely in weight loss or maintenance rather in helping the person as a whole, in finding a balance and what suits each person better. "Nutrition has to do with so much more than just food, you need to understand and know the person you are working with" she says, "I actually work in the psychology of eating, which means how we relate to food, what our eating patterns are, what are we doing while we eat, etc." she adds. Aside from Cleanse, she also guides and advices models through her website 

Fernanda has a thirst to learn, to travel, to discover, she sees beyond things. Her hunger and curiosity has lead her to live a life most of us could only dream about. Her passion for food and nutrition has been settled since she was young, but what set her in the direction she is now, what started it all was a trip to India, a trip she speaks so avidly about where she discovered more about herself than in her previous years in California Polytechnic State University
We all need an instance in our lives where we find ourselves, we uncover what makes us happy, what fills us, and luckily, she found it, probably sooner than most of us do. 

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