Wednesday, December 4, 2013


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I received these boots the morning I was getting on my plane and couldn't have been happier to be able to take them with me.
They are from a great online store called Anna Xi. You can find them here.
My beanie, bag & sweater are from Asos, my favorite store. They're the perfect cozy companions for the season and my go to, easy wear, fit-the-necessary-kind of bag.
Coat is from Zara from a few years ago.
Above you can see some pictures at Westville, a spot where I love to go grab a quick lunch, coffee or juice. This time it was almond milk coffee and a delicious green juice.
(Of course, grilled cheese and fries accompanied me as well... because, I mean, why not!?)

 photo IMG_0195jpg_effected_zps2f1192da.jpg  photo IMG_0194jpg_effected_zps1d028b1a.jpg  photo IMG_0199jpg_effected_zps97b842f7.jpg  photo IMG_0193jpg_effected_zps85a0b2d5.jpg  photo IMG_0183JPG_effected_zps398d0300.jpg  photo IMG_0179JPG_effected_zps62062481.jpg  photo IMG_0166JPG_effected_zps5e81ff4e.jpg  photo IMG_0164JPG_effected_zpsa90f41f8.jpg

If I could write a list of places, things and little nonsense that I like about NYC, I could go on forever (literally) but, in the next few posts, I will try to introduce a reduced selection of my special places in NYC.
Here you can check out The Smile another place I love and recently talked about in one of my last posts.

This time of year in particular is my favorite because it will always  remind me of when my life turned completely upside down on a Dec 21st, a day I will always hold close to my heart, a day that without, the name Drifting Nomad would have no meaning.

These last pictures, though some look as if they were taken during the day, where at a night walk around park avenue, where the Christmas spirit is inevitable to notice.

I hope you enjoy these little snippets of my latest visit to one of my many homes.
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