Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Remember my Winter Pastels with Asos post? This is my spring version.

 photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRING8jpg_effected-001_zps29d39062.jpg

 photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRING11jpg_effected_zps80bbbda2.jpg  photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRING2jpg_effected_zps459f90af.jpg  photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRING5jpg_effected_zpsd9f217bd.jpg  photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRING4jpg_effected_zpsc9b14166.jpg  photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRING6jpg_effected_zpsb3d4c8ec.jpg  photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRINGjpg_effected_zps307b5e2f.jpg  photo DRIFTINGNOMAD-ASOS-SPRING7jpg_effected_zpsc209a0cc.jpg

Welcoming the month of March, I'd like to go ahead and welcome the sometimes non-existant spring, even if just for my own sake of believing cold days are gone.
Speaking of spring, summer immediately comes to mind, and thinking about summer got me to realize that evidently I'm not in the best of shapes and that's why I've taken action and joined The Kick Ass Club where I've started working out with a personal trainer ! I can't wait to tell you more about this but in the meantime stay tuned to my instagram where I will be posting more updates!

Have an amazing (hopefully sunny) day!

I'm wearing:

Everything ASOS except Jacket & Zero Uv Sunnies