Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 photo 80BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg

 photo 89BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 67BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 92BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 65BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 87BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 82BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 72BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 83BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 62BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 99BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 94BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 74BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 102BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 86BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 101BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 76BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 73BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 93BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 100BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 70BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 106BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg  photo 71BDBA_LOOK2copia.jpg

Together with Pipi Hormaechea, the genius behind the lens, we created these pictures featuring BDBA, by far, one of my all time favorite brands. This is one of the various outfits I put together for BDBA. The head piece is actually a belt that goes with a dress but I decided to wear on my head for this outfit. Can't wait to show you the rest!

Have a great rest of the week!