Friday, May 2, 2014


 photo P1250533JPG_effected.jpg

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It's not the first time I have the urge to title my post "blue velvet".
Remember the last time? How pale can I be in that post? 
It's not until we're back into our tanned days that we realize how ugly winter can make us look.
Here is my summer version of the blue velvet pants. Front Row Shop just never seems to let me down with their amazing clothes. 
Finally, after years of living in a couple different closets, I show you this vintage belt. I felt like it was made to wear with these pants. I stole it from my aunts closet back in junior year of high school when I moved back to PerĂº for a year and I knew ever since that I would give it good use. 
The Delilah Dust necklace adds another twisted and fun touch contributing to the vintage belt. I can't get over how unique their jewelry is!

Photography: Cristina Carranza (Closet 42)