Monday, June 9, 2014


 photo driftingnomad2_2055-.jpg

 photo driftingnomad2_2201-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_1957-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_2026-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_2176-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_1962-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_1982-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_2078-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_1966-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_2204-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_2035-.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_2166-.jpg
 photo driftingnomad2_2229.jpg  photo driftingnomad2_2194-.jpg

One of the things I love most of wearing Motel Rocks is its colors. They can really bring up your mood in one of those not so happy days. I've worn these items, both the crop top and the high waist pants separately (you can see one of my outfits for Primavera Sound Festival on my instagram) but decided to wear them as a playsuit for these specific pictures and absolutely loved the overwhelming yet unique vibe and result.

Photography: Alexia Uriarte