Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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When I received my suit from Atea Oceanie, I somehow assimilated that I am now 25. Don't ask me why, it was just one of those moments when you stop for a minute to think how fast time goes by, how much day by day nothing seems to change but when you look back you realize how everything is different. Four years ago you tell me I would not only be wearing these kind of suits but also loving them and I most probably would have laughed.
Such a simple yet such an elegant combination.
When thinking of how to create this post, my friend Cristina Carranza came to mind. I reached out and asked her if she owned any kind of suit, preferably a white one, so we would contrast and of course, she was up for the adventure. We had lot's of fun thinking of unique but sometimes awkward positions (always resulting in laughs) to show a different perspective.
I first thought of wearing heels instead of flats as the pants are a bit big and long on me, but went for a more casual and sporty approach with these white Zara flats. Funny thing, coincidentally Cris did the same with her awesome Asos flats.

Hope you enjoy the result!

 photo IMG_2650JPG_effected_zps3b55cf02.jpg  photo IMG_2392JPG_effected-001_zps30510735.jpg  photo IMG_2245JPG_effected_zps7b36d99f.jpg  photo IMG_2257JPG_effected_zpsbafb64ce.jpg  photo IMG_2329JPG_effected_zps8d3bd834.jpg  photo IMG_2659JPG_effected_zpsa6d0b382.jpg photo IMG_2662JPG_effected_zpsb6884ac7.jpg photo IMG_2381JPG_effected_zps6b8dfc7c.jpg photo IMG_2289JPG_effected_zps353d7c18.jpg photo IMG_2394JPG_effected_zpsd9ad5e1c.jpg  photo IMG_2401JPG_effected_zpsa508e70b.jpg  photo IMG_2562JPG_effected-001_zps21149b3c.jpg  photo IMG_2655JPG_effected_zps551b929d.jpg  photo IMG_2538JPG_effected_zpsc91a0d8d.jpg  photo IMG_2582JPG_effected_zps8da3ac2d.jpg  photo IMG_2640JPG_effected_zps4610e329.jpg  photo IMG_2759JPG_effected_zps808771b8.jpg  photo IMG_2779JPG_effected_zps04bf08c6.jpg  photo IMG_2643JPG_effected_zpse5b35b32.jpg   photo IMG_2676JPG_effected_zps2ef6a02b.jpg  photo IMG_2670JPG_effected_zpsabac468c.jpg  photo IMG_2713JPG_effected_zpsfacb1517.jpg  photo IMG_2731JPG_effected_zps754b5d8f.jpg  photo IMG_2745JPG_effected_zpse10d9e99.jpg  photo IMG_2707JPG_effected_zps9988492f.jpg  photo IMG_2768JPG_effected_zps1512291d.jpg  photo IMG_2775JPG_effected_zpsced2c678.jpg  photo IMG_2760JPG_effected_zpsa5ce3d77.jpg