Friday, August 1, 2014


 photo 20140714_7316_zps1ad7f485.jpg

When I can combine a few of my favorite elements together, the result is always as fun as it gets.
ASOS does it when it comes to unique, extraordinary pieces.

 photo 20140714_7362_zps8787ad23.jpg photo 20140714_7346_zps27a80c65.jpg  photo 20140714_7416_zps17c1a212.jpg  photo 20140714_749712_zps35ea28c8.jpg  photo 20140714_7301_zps94df3b19.jpg  photo 20140714_7391_zpsacad6d7c.jpg  photo 20140714_7336_zps4b066d2c.jpg  photo 20140714_7464_zps26a0d069.jpg  photo 20140714_7304_zpsecd1bf36.jpg  photo 20140714_7313_zps0d781b47.jpg  photo 20140714_7393_zps90f1f78c.jpg  photo 20140714_7408_zpsd3012d7f.jpg  photo 20140714_7449_zpsf29e4194.jpg

Under almost 40 degree celsius, the amazing Alexia Uriarte and I put together these shots for ASOS. This neoprene mermaid skirt is by far one of my favorite skirts I've ever owned but let me admit that under all the smiles and fun I was sweating like a pig, literally.
Who needs a girdle when you can just look your best while underneath be sweating off those extra calories?

I'm wearing: All items ASOS & CHOIES shoes.