Tuesday, August 5, 2014


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We all have our methods when it comes to dressing up.
There are certain pieces we always go to, specially when lacking inspiration, time or want to avoid having to put effort when getting dressed.
I for example, always go for a white or striped top with loose mom jeans when one of those days comes along. Sometimes I put on a long t-shirt or a simple colored dress and throw on some kind of vest or jacket that adds that pop of fun, color or simply that something to not look like a walking mess.

 photo AL1B9748JPG_effected-001_zps38448c7e.jpg  photo AL1B9721JPG_effected_zps00e96827.jpg

When Sister Jane sent over this vest, I was hands down hit by cupid. Everything about it is amazing. The color, the fringes, the length, the texture and how, whatever looks good, if matched up with it. 
First time I wore it was for the SMODA bloggers party, where I wore it on top of a white blouse, white shorts and my Emerson Fry tied up sandals you saw recently in a previous post. This time I went for a cute ASOS crop top, some high waist H&M shorts and a cool pair of boots.

 photo AL1B9727JPG_effected_zps94c7f5dd.jpg  photo AL1B9762JPG_effected_zps9a72318d.jpg  photo AL1B9753JPG_effected_zpsabe61d44.jpg  photo AL1B9791JPG_effected_zpscf20bd78.jpg  photo AL1B9778JPG_effected_zpsa649ba9c.jpg  photo AL1B9811JPG_effected_zps6d35ae79.jpg  photo AL1B9884JPG_effected_zps54e70722.jpg  photo AL1B9906JPG_effected_zpsb9b8d876.jpg  photo AL1B9912JPG_effected_zps1089121d.jpg  photo AL1B9920JPG_effected_zpsb9f814ad.jpg  photo AL1B9736JPG_effected_zps5bd6e932.jpg  photo AL1B9942JPG_effected_zpse09d284f.jpg  photo AL1B9927JPG_effected_zpsdaaf2c90.jpg  photo AL1B9979JPG_effected_zps876aa9b4.jpg  photo AL1B9968JPG_effected_zps70af2b98.jpg

 Pictures by: Sequoia Ziff