Tuesday, August 12, 2014


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A few weeks ago Springfield contacted me to let me know they had picked me as their blogger of the month and as a result I could go to my nearest Springfield store to pick out 3 different outfits.

The first outfit I put together with Springfield is this comfy, classic combination of mom jeans, white shirt and a checkered farmer shirt on top.
Of course, because it's me and because I couldn't help myself, I transformed a scarf into a headband to close up the look together with a brown tote bag.

Ever since, I have not been wearing anything else than these pants, sneakers and bag, the everyday basics I now can't go without.

For all the details you can check out their page here.

Hace unas semanas me contacto Springfield para decirme que había sido elegida como su blogger del mes y como resultado pude ir a mi tienda mas cercana a elegir mis 3 looks favoritos.

Este es el primer look que compuse, combinando unos pantalones estilo madre, con una camiseta blanca y una camisa de cuadros. Por su puesto, no podía faltar el detalle en la cabeza y esta vez convertí un pañuelo en diadema.

Pueden ver todos los detalles y el resto de mi selección en la pagina de Springfield.

 photo AL1B2563JPG_effected_zps79f3b5d2.jpg photo AL1B2589JPG_effected_zpsbd66b84c.jpg photo AL1B2586JPG_effected_zps4686b73f.jpg photo AL1B2648JPG_effected_zps3fb9cadf.jpg photo AL1B2590JPG_effected_zpsd8b26d10.jpg  photo AL1B2598JPG_effected_zpse9e1e6c9.jpg  photo AL1B2719JPG_effected-001_zps09ab9f41.jpg  photo AL1B2614JPG_effected_zps43262107.jpg  photo AL1B2601JPG_effected_zpsed745f38.jpg  photo AL1B2625JPG_effected_zpsa9c39103.jpg  photo AL1B2718JPG_effected_zps1467d2fa.jpg  photo AL1B2650JPG_effected-001_zpsf565385f.jpg  photo AL1B2626JPG_effected_zps6e86b089.jpg  photo AL1B2587JPG_effected_zps4f8386d8.jpg  photo AL1B2667JPG_effected_zpsd292b27e.jpg  photo AL1B2574JPG_effected_zps72b13d8a.jpg  photo AL1B2703JPG_effected_zpsad8c0fbf.jpg  photo AL1B2707JPG_effected_zps91fb6348.jpg  

 Para algo aun mas simple, comodo, y basico, varie la camiseta y la camisa de cuadros con un jersey oversized.

   photo AL1B2742JPG_effected_zpsf3829fe8.jpg  photo AL1B2750JPG_effected_zpse25a8252.jpg  photo AL1B2746JPG_effected_zps0689bf8c.jpg  photo AL1B2753JPG_effected_zpsf15eafb2.jpg  photo AL1B2787_2jpg_effected_zps72da51aa.jpg  photo AL1B2795JPG_effected_zps5cfc7d62.jpg

For an even more laid back and cozy combo I put on an oversized, loose cardigan that will be perfect for fall.

Pictures by: Sequoia Ziff