Tuesday, September 9, 2014


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After a while, we come to terms with ourselves and figure out that everything we ever thought is just a minimal part of what may, could or will happen.
Day to day we evolve, we change though we stay the same, we grow, we grow older, wiser, sometimes more cynical, sometimes to our disadvantage. Some people go in retrospect, some people gain fear as they gain knowledge, others just learn to accept things, to dare, to risk.
When was the last time you took a risk?

A month ago, before heading to Miami, my friend Sequoia Ziff and I put together this editorial for Free People.

 photo AL1B0001JPG_effected_zps61b8e0e6.jpg  photo AL1B0040JPG_effected_zps23f100fd.jpg  photo AL1B0025JPG_effected_zps872ec139.jpg  photo AL1B0051JPG_effected_zpsa9032a0b.jpg  photo AL1B0008JPG_effected_zpsdb9650d9.jpg  photo AL1B0053JPG_effected_zpsc179af74.jpg  photo AL1B0067JPG_effected_zps03ef08b4.jpg  photo AL1B0086JPG_effected_zpse28852e0.jpg  photo AL1B0149JPG_effected_zpsd3772f03.jpg  photo AL1B0154JPG_effected_zpsa04c91e8.jpg  photo AL1B0207JPG_effected_zps28262889.jpg  photo AL1B0194JPG_effected_zps20d02bff.jpg  photo AL1B0252JPG_effected_zps6a8e356e.jpg  photo AL1B0284JPG_effected_zpsc6a51eba.jpg  photo AL1B0297JPG_effected_zps2dd6d15e.jpg  photo AL1B0298JPG_effected_zps7085545e.jpg  photo AL1B0341JPG_effected_zps882bae52.jpg  photo AL1B0328JPG_effected_zps61eba128.jpg  photo AL1B0346JPG_effected_zps387dafea.jpg  photo AL1B0355JPG_effected_zps82007f60.jpg  photo AL1B0403JPG_effected_zpsace2c60a.jpg  photo AL1B0393JPG_effected_zps39701e66.jpg  photo AL1B0487JPG_effected_zpsf32d9c03.jpg  photo AL1B0137JPG_effected_zps86d7591f.jpg photo AL1B0464JPG_effected_zpsbca25ae8.jpg  photo AL1B0518JPG_effected_zps503efaf4.jpg  photo AL1B0521JPG_effected_zpseaa467e3.jpg  photo AL1B0490JPG_effected_zps162329f7.jpg  photo AL1B0526JPG_effected_zpsdb8e69db.jpg  photo AL1B0534JPG_effected_zps0cf9cdc7.jpg  photo AL1B0506JPG_effected_zpsaf0bc6fb.jpg
 photo AL1B0391JPG_effected_zpsc5d8f641.jpg  photo AL1B0113JPG_effected_zps0d4f2b29.jpg

I'm wearing:

Zara Sandals & Top
H&M Hat
Asos Earrings 

Pictures by: Sequoia Ziff

PD: Hace unos meses grabe unos #instatrucos con L'oreal
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