Saturday, September 27, 2014


The next few posts will all be summer throwbacks and a little trip to some of my favorite stops and spots these past summer months.

The Viceroy hotel, though for my taste, a little too overwhelming, specially when it comes to decoration and all the "fansy-ness" that comes within, still is a wonderful place to stay if you're around Brickell.

Here are some pictures in the pool area, of course, my favorite place to be at while in a hotel during summer.

 photo DSCF4062JPG_effected_zpsed4ac3cd.jpg  photo DSCF4076JPG_effected_zps99551031.jpg

 photo DSCF4033JPG_effected_zps2b7bb477.jpg  photo DSCF4185JPG_effected_zps83ed06d6.jpg  photo DSCF4081JPG_effected_zps6b7f2c6f.jpg  photo DSCF4049JPG_effected_zpsf9dc5f35.jpg  photo DSCF4085JPG_effected_zpsde2ea7ec.jpg  photo DSCF4288JPG_effected_zps5e650e75.jpg photo DSCF4270JPG_effected_zps7c651ec0.jpg photo DSCF4152MIAMIjpg_effected_zps4453e1d2.jpg  photo IMG_1162MIAMIjpg_effected_zpsecd0ad6a.jpg  photo IMG_1171MIAMIjpg_effected_zpsc034b6e7.jpg  photo IMG_1201MIAMIjpg_effected_zpsd164f811.jpg  photo DSCF4069JPG_effected_zps68bd6a9b.jpg photo DSCF4235JPG_effected_zpsfe54b0b6.jpg photo DSCF4087JPG_effected_zps21ddb4ce.jpg

I'm wearing:

Swimsuit: Triangl Swimwear