Wednesday, October 8, 2014


 photo IMG_2068JPG_effected_zps9c58804d.jpg

As most of you might already know, fall is my favorite season. 
The months of October and November especially have this kind of magic that I can't seem to put into words. 
Along with pumpkin scented candles and chai tea lattes, fall essentials are the best essentials. Trench coats, school shoes, and mom jeans are some of the most comfortable, easy yet cool items to combine outfits with.
This outfit in particular is something you can see me wear a little too often in these months. 
 photo IMG_2015JPG_effected_zps21d5ca88.jpg  photo IMG_1997jpg_effected-001_zpsf83d0140.jpg  photo IMG_2036jpg_effected_zpsd352bbba.jpg  photo IMG_2064JPG_effected_zpsbc7b14ef.jpg  photo IMG_2034jpg_effected_zpsce7b3e7f.jpg  photo IMG_2022jpg_effected_zps82cb6b09.jpg  photo IMG_2073jpg_effected_zpsba3e9dd5.jpg  photo IMG_2031jpg_effected_zps87fa9dc3.jpg photo IMG_2087JPG_effected_zps5c6fb514.jpg  photo IMG_2027jpg_effected_zpsd720f46d.jpg  photo IMG_2003jpg_effected-001_zps0180368a.jpg  photo IMG_2044jpg_effected_zps4eebed2f.jpg  photo IMG_2074jpg_effected_zpsf3f8b8f4.jpg