Friday, October 17, 2014


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One of the best things you can share with a person is a connection, and when there's a connection when it comes to capturing a moment, your soul, your essence, amazing things like these photographs happen.
Adriana Roslin, a beautiful person, inside and out, came out with this result after a short but nice afternoon we spent together.

Watch: my lovely friends from Mr. Boho

 photo IMG_6803_zps22d9e90b.jpg  photo IMG_6811_zps9f018e3c.jpg  photo IMG_6827_zps04709861.jpg  photo IMG_6821_zpsd8d61367.jpg  photo aIMG_6902_zps0b528832.jpg  photo girl_zpsf9ba7c55.jpg  photo IMG_6835_zpsc8c7d6c9.jpg  photo IMG_6862_zps8ab1a0c7.jpg  photo IMG_6861_zps6b836601.jpg  photo colorIMG_6837_zpsd2faddd6.jpg  photo IMG_6843_zps2c127eed.jpg  photo IMG_6833_zps5ae5efa9.jpg  photo IMG_6882_zps8e4f1ca1.jpg  photo IMG_6893_zps35070a29.jpg  photo IMG_6820_zpsd0c3925b.jpg  photo IMG_6775_zpsf1cc8f09.jpg  photo IMG_6807_zpsb354f072.jpg  photo IMG_6790_zpsb442acd9.jpg  photo IMG_6891_zps291a71e2.jpg  photo IMG_6869_zps0c834bb7.jpg