Monday, December 8, 2014


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If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know that I have moved back to New York City.
I will be sharing all of my out and abouts on Instagram but will also have great surprises and new posts for you to enjoy and get inspired with on here.

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After an afternoon snack at Bluestone Lane Coffee, Christina and I strolled around the West Village and ended up in our now meaningful cross of Greenwich and Charles St.
It's amazing how every corner of this city is special.
Dressed in my new Carlo Pazolini shoes, some of my basics and favorite pieces of the season, including my Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer holder, I couldn't have felt more comfortable and ready for the start of a crazy winter.

 photo 120414_2580_zpsaec7d679.jpg  photo 120414_2595_zpsa91e999f.jpg photo 120414_2563_zps30045d69.jpg  photo 120414_2549_zps9aca93fb.jpg  photo 120414_2581_zps39de32d7.jpg  photo 120414_2597_zps6e655baf.jpg  photo 120414_2620copy_zps2294fbb7.jpg   photo 120414_2559_zpsf3252c85.jpg  photo 120414_2599_zps2f5464aa.jpg  photo 120414_2560_zpsf968b1bb.jpg  photo 120414_2564_zpsb352480d.jpg  photo 120414_2587_zpsd8d8f756.jpg  photo 120414_2611_zpsc4c4332f.jpg

Photography: Christina Shields