Saturday, January 3, 2015


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In case you haven't heard, seen or your Facebook newsfeed hasn't been bombarded by resolutions, promises and reminders that yet another year has passed, well, here I am, to again, bring to your attention that 2015 is here.
I don't want to look back, create expectations or make promises I probably won't be able to keep.
Every day, every minute is new, is a chance, is an opportunity.

Drenched in life, energy and color thanks to Custo Barcelona, Neil Aline and I found some of our favorite spots around Brooklyn and caught these moments in Neil's film camera.
It's very interesting to work beside people with such good ideas, great taste, perfect eye yet different technique and perspective.
I love the distinct vibes and results that each persons works can provide.

With Neil, it's all about surprises...
 photo neilaline-86650031_zps430d4f1b.jpg  photo neilaline-86650002_zps8964924d.jpg  photo neilaline-86650013_zpsb3b87dd8.jpg photo francesca2_zps16d5030a.jpg  photo neilaline-86650008_zpsd885a909.jpg  photo neilaline-86680009_zpsd3d4db6c.jpg photo neilaline-86650010_zps76034a06.jpg  photo neilaline-86650028_zpsebe922fe.jpg
 photo neilaline-86650036_zps8a8ae0a8.jpg photo neilaline-86650026_zps2d178c6e.jpg  photo neilaline-86680002_zpse071ce6c.jpg photo neilaline-86650007_zpsf4edaade.jpg photo neilaline-86680005_zps2ebeeb90.jpg photo neilaline-86680013_zps3c3bb3a3.jpg photo neilaline-86680004_zpscbccb939.jpg  photo neilaline-86680022_zps81e3b252.jpg

Photography: Neil Aline