Monday, February 9, 2015


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We definitely all go through phases.
When I first started my blog, 3, 4 or 5 years ago (yes, my Memory is that bad), I went through a high heel phase.
Of course, at the time, Jeffrey Campbell was a big deal, for me at least, and so I basically collected them all, from Litas to the Ticks.
Through out the years, I am unsure if it has to do with my laziness becoming more incorporated when it comes to getting dressed, but, I have stabilized with being a hardly ever heel person, sticking with Supergas and flats as much as I possibly can.
Here though, I grant you with one of my, now, rarely seen shoe situation, but I couldn't resist getting a bit girlier with these Guess shoes.
Of course though, if I am to wear heels, it has to be accompanied by the coziest and most oversized layers like my (rarely seen not wearing) turtle neck, Fendi sunnies, and this Never Fully Dressed coat.

 photo 012115_9619_zpstpu8ftzj.jpg  photo 012115_9622_zpszl3kyqrm.jpg  photo 012115_9627_zps04us1dhx.jpg  photo 012115_9636_zpshlhcfbd8.jpg  photo 012115_9629_zpsbcuisu7s.jpg  photo 012115_9645_zpsk3yhtxxn.jpg  photo 012115_9661_zpsfmbxon0s.jpg  photo 012115_9666_zpsvawlpvu2.jpg  photo 012115_9659_zpsencr9tfc.jpg  photo 012115_9669_zpsjdhcc7xl.jpg  photo 012115_9677_zpswvzinlsx.jpg  photo 012115_9689_zpsrmjk0tve.jpg  photo 012115_9635_zpso14hjyps.jpg  photo 012115_9694_zpsm4aqikwj.jpg  photo 012115_9692_zpsdyfhqqjq.jpg  photo 012115_9642_zpsbv0w8gjn.jpg  photo 012115_9695_zpsixzt0zmm.jpg  photo 012115_9707_zpsqzjzkaej.jpg  photo 012115_9705_zpsq4xvk7wl.jpg

Wren, another of my favorite spots around the city.

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