Monday, March 9, 2015


Winter is officially coming to an end, and I must admit, though many complain, it is by far, for me, one of my favorite seasons.
At least this year, it has been incredibly magical, freezing, painful, but magical.
I'm just a sucker for coziness and any excuse to wear more layers than I probably should.
Any reason to stay home and watch Netflix -because it is too cold out- is just the absolute perfect plan in these negative Celsius temperatures.

 photo IMG_3878_zpso3k7flxd.jpg
 photo IMG_3865-2_PS_OPMobile_zpsqcksr4by.jpg  photo IMG_4013_zps7ths2uoc.jpg  photo IMG_4075_zpsrd7oqcll.jpg  photo IMG_3895_zpsnkfgs8s9.jpg  photo IMG_3885_zpsgoxqd5ij.jpg  photo IMG_3999_zpsjkjrkj1n.jpg  photo IMG_4018_zpsokjkaua4.jpg  photo IMG_3975_zpsza2odzje.jpg  photo IMG_3962_zpscududsgq.jpg  photo IMG_4010_zpsyeuagprm.jpg  photo IMG_3952_zpsmrruysuw.jpg  photo IMG_3959_zpsbcm5wynj.jpg  photo IMG_3918_zpswthe1gcl.jpg  photo IMG_3944_zpssqhq1uwe.jpg  photo IMG_3908_zpspfd6gexs.jpg  photo IMG_3903_zpsicmtntih.jpg  photo IMG_3884_zpsfhzm0dpk.jpg  photo IMG_3882_zpssj0huop9.jpg  photo IMG_3897_zpsswjisgdn.jpg  photo IMG_3873_zps4b2otri2.jpg  photo IMG_3848_zpsz5owglef.jpg  photo IMG_3863_zpsic6hxao7.jpg

Coat: Guess
Pants: The Fifth
Shoes: River Island
Beanie: Via Clouds UK

Photography: Tutes