Monday, March 23, 2015


 photo 138_zpszzplkkfi.jpg  photo 136_zps9iwgldq3.jpg  photo 122_zpshgakcrop.jpg

Before leaving leaving NYC for a few weeks and heading to Madrid, my friend Ryan and I went around the LES to bare the cold and find inspiration. While his hands got frozen, and so did my face & smile, I think we found the perfect spot to go back during summer.
 photo 118_zpsb7unicrv.jpg  photo 135_zps8dxyingv.jpg  photo 130_zpsk29umm5c.jpg  photo 129_zpspcucijak.jpg  photo 119_zpsqakljizv.jpg  photo 120_zpswr2gm1jw.jpg  photo 116_zps9w1zak2g.jpg  photo 112_zpsnquevv7z.jpg  photo 115_zpshp7w7rnu.jpg  photo 108_zpsw9ly7yte.jpg  photo 105_zpsriopw6e2.jpg  photo 107_zpsalprfmi1.jpg  photo 101_zpsrsiybvyj.jpg  photo 102_zpssij9dhry.jpg  photo 095_zps690kc4rc.jpg  photo 0922f192-0970-4a8e-a06e-f61c6476f98d_zpsqfrmcuoj.jpg  photo 100_zpssk8nk21k.jpg

Photography: Ryan Ulsh