Friday, June 19, 2015


 photo IMG_6108 2_zpsevsw2gcr.jpg
 photo IMG_5882 2_zpswf4sszdy.jpg

If you were to guess what I was wearing head to toe, where would you think each item is from? Well, except for my bag, it is al Abercrombie. You can check out the skirt here, get yourself the shirt here, walk around with my favorite summer shoes by finding them here, and tie this shirt to your waist or wear it like a summer cardigan like I did in this case.
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 photo IMG_5861 2_zpsxl9lgszg.jpg  photo IMG_5858 2_zpszntxcseh.jpg  photo IMG_5853_zpsevhpsx2d.jpg  photo IMG_5837_zps3c4ah2tz.jpg  photo IMG_5810_zpsgdwhj1fp.jpg  photo IMG_5957 2_zpsqouba1yz.jpg  photo IMG_6013 2_zpsxt5muver.jpg  photo IMG_5997 2_zpsjflqe9bf.jpg  photo IMG_5991 2_zps9mnfd4id.jpg  photo IMG_5958 2_zpswrr7m4nx.jpg  photo IMG_6072 2_zpslztq2gq9.jpg  photo IMG_6089 2_zpssix4yjmp.jpg  photo IMG_6028 2_zpsbbqzjuak.jpg  photo IMG_6092 2_zpsawgmc80n.jpg  photo IMG_6098 2_zpsowao2ypa.jpg  photo IMG_6093 2_zpsje2fytsg.jpg  photo IMG_6102 2_zpscpdefrgg.jpg  photo IMG_5948 2_zpsfquouzyc.jpg  photo IMG_5890 2_zps2mifsxzm.jpg  photo IMG_5912 2_zpsgwnlijp3.jpg  photo IMG_5903 2_zpscxaugntp.jpg  photo IMG_5897 2_zpsrnsmdnzg.jpg  photo IMG_5899 2_zpsdjo3xmu0.jpg  photo IMG_5878 2_zpsllroqnyk.jpg  photo IMG_5866 2_zpsbeckwgvp.jpg

Thanks to my amazing friend TUTES for the pictures