Monday, July 6, 2015

#DateWithPINK II

 photo 0I9A9129_zpsmrjfv6y4.jpg

Again, I’ve partnered with PINK, one of my all-time favorite intimate brands, to show you how I would wear and match their new Date Racerback Bra, featuring lace racerback, front closure, flirty allover lace and push up, for a fun and sunny summer afternoon.  This time, I am showing you how I would wear it with a still casual yet more elegant look, perfect for a summer afternoon date that drifts into night time activities.


 photo 0I9A9216_zps77fffiyc.jpg  photo 0I9A9135_zpsj7gesocj.jpg  photo 0I9A9076_zps5maosqnu.jpg  photo 0I9A9083_zps2nrdpmzq.jpg  photo 0I9A9084_zpsehzt0aau.jpg  photo 0I9A9132_zpsrbypgjrs.jpg  photo 0I9A9110_zps9uwoyqsn.jpg  photo 0I9A9111_zpsxovkvvny.jpg  photo 0I9A9113_zpshx2t0hex.jpg  photo 0I9A9115_zpsgbxw72gq.jpg  photo 0I9A9138_zps3sowpqdt.jpg  photo 0I9A9122_zpsczbhdser.jpg  photo 0I9A9174_zpsdmdoeby7.jpg  photo 0I9A9148_zpsjv9vl9sn.jpg  photo 0I9A9171_zps6iddnica.jpg  photo 0I9A9161_zpsyisqbert.jpg  photo 0I9A9191_zpsujukktqr.jpg  photo 0I9A9193_zpszatopbuf.jpg  photo 0I9A9208_zpsqdv2odjs.jpg  photo 0I9A9212_zpsbcufulzp.jpg