Saturday, April 16, 2016


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My friends always laugh at my undeniably and mostly cliche or corny sayings and quotes, the majority of which I randomly come up with or live by, which somehow got me thinking: Why do we rely on quotes such as "The sky is the limit", for example?
Can we really reach the sky? Clearly, it's a personification, how dumb of me to even consider genuinely asking that, right? but wait, why? Why is it silly to ask that? Can we really reach it? What's your sky? It might not be as high, as blue, cloudy or as far or close as mine. 
Is there really any kind of limit, do we really ever know how much, how far and what we're capable of doing?
Yes, I know they say "you won't know until you try", but, do we ever dare to try it all or at all?
In order to try, you have to know, and how do you know that you know, or at least know what you have to know, or all there is to know, all that you should know in order to achieve, to reach?
Did the word know start to look funny as you read it so many times?
That happens you know? Sometimes the more you see things, the less meaning, the less you understand them, the stranger they seem. 
-Yes, you start to get the idea of why I am made fun of, don't you? ;) -
The thing is, most times, we don't sincerely know who we are or what we want, therefore, how can we know anything else afterwards? 
I completely sound as if I just took some kind of drug, but in all honesty, who doesn't have these kind of thoughts every now and then? 
There is so much we are not aware of, so much we have not yet felt, discovered, seen, lived, touched and most of which we never will.
Or, who knows?
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