Sunday, April 17, 2016


 photo DSC02236_zpspwjzy87f.jpg photo DSC02198_zpsgxewaj4p.jpg

There is something incredibly touristy, typical and overseen about soho streets behind a perfectly striked pose or "unintentionally caught having the time of your life", or walking around looking incredibly interesting with a coffee to go in your hand, moments and poses.
But, who are we kidding? We can't deny how picturesque these soho streets are, specially when captured  by the one and only TUTES.
Some of my favorite spots in Soho are Cafe Select and Nomo Soho, which you can see snippets of in some of these images.

 photo DSC02323_zpsthv4egv4.jpg  photo DSC02266_zpsogmbdcje.jpg  photo DSC02317_zps43wnzdzt.jpg  photo DSC02313_zpsiyvumtuk.jpg  photo DSC02264_zpsg7rt9hke.jpg  photo DSC02265_zpshnlabzbz.jpg  photo DSC02258_zps5lcbpb0k.jpg  photo DSC02300_zpskdfmlvot.jpg   photo DSC02238_zpsrgzyowuv.jpg  photo DSC02233_zpsb2gbsmxj.jpg  photo DSC02222_zpsidccqpti.jpg  photo DSC02226_zpszb6ovhio.jpg  photo DSC02255_zps6nhag0i2.jpg  photo DSC02227_zps0okk6mtk.jpg  photo DSC02239_zps1krblilt.jpg photo DSC02232_zpswhzkzhuj.jpg  photo DSC02237_zps3raghl35.jpg  photo DSC02205_zpss7h3fnwa.jpg photo DSC02208_zpsawyfgc22.jpg  photo DSC02218_zpswy5wbuxf.jpg  photo DSC02220_zpsd2yvzi7r.jpg  photo DSC02181_zpsrujci7iw.jpg   photo DSC02180_zpsheggh2s2.jpg   photo DSC02173_zpsrereyo77.jpg   photo DSC02171_zpsp58jfybo.jpg  photo DSC02168_zps0sbfwpfl.jpg  photo DSC02170_zps83vckahd.jpg  photo DSC02178_zpsbljom0zi.jpg  photo DSC02163_zps9zf0hkeb.jpg  photo DSC02166_zpstagfxazh.jpg  photo DSC02133_zpsfeyzn91c.jpg  photo DSC02160_zpsogmysfnq.jpg  photo DSC02149_zpsiubylyqq.jpg