Tuesday, September 16, 2014


GRACIAS a KAIKU y a MERCEDES BENZ por la invitación y sobre todo por recogerme, llevarme y devolverme sana y salva a casa.

Aquí os dejo una gran selección de uno de los días mas divertidos de la Fashion Week Madrileña. Desde el Cibelespacio,  behind the scenes de photoshoots con Vogue, Telva, Elle, etc., las vistas desde el Front Row hasta el backstage.

 photo FASHIONWEEK_2206_zps66a11bf9.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2231_zps783130f1.jpg photo FASHIONWEEK_2212_zps8c31fdfa.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2296_zps7dbe3b2d.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2321_zps78205652.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2320_zps63560117.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2308_zpscf5f7307.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2302_zpsebb90000.jpg photo FASHIONWEEK_2338_zps1a0283a0.jpg photo FASHIONWEEK_2274_zpsaa0287e8.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2268_zps9bd703ea.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3432_zps30ae84a9.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3252_zpsfa9077e2.jpg
 photo FASHIONWEEK_3250_zpsdcaea725.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3248_zpse5571751.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3246_zps7fc2349e.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3245_zps8ae3ddaa.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3241_zps983822f2.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3237_zps47edd3fd.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3220_zps68bdee6a.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3215_zpscb3622a0.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3213_zps58718e36.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3145_zps49e04995.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3113_zpsdf9ebff8.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3098_zps4c790601.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3064_zpsa7cdb0a4.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3049_zps09fa22c0.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2963_zps4f058d46.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_3059_zpsb6183c97.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2776_zpsb203ddc3.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2730_zps1ffc4aa4.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2690_zpsb28e070d.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2603_zpsd9abd4c5.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2527_zps17a95370.jpg  photo FASHIONWEEK_2372_zps58747a7f.jpgn photo FASHIONWEEK_2341_zpsbf622fcd.jpg   photo FASHIONWEEK_2254_zps838c56ea.jpg


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


 photo AL1B0019JPG_effected_zpsde62aa9e.jpg

After a while, we come to terms with ourselves and figure out that everything we ever thought is just a minimal part of what may, could or will happen.
Day to day we evolve, we change though we stay the same, we grow, we grow older, wiser, sometimes more cynical, sometimes to our disadvantage. Some people go in retrospect, some people gain fear as they gain knowledge, others just learn to accept things, to dare, to risk.
When was the last time you took a risk?

A month ago, before heading to Miami, my friend Sequoia Ziff and I put together this editorial for Free People.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


 photo 20140714_7531_zps82df80cf.jpg

Have you ever had that feeling, that feeling of not knowing what to feel? When there are too many options, when your head is filled with ideas, when your dreams seem too big yet somehow reachable, when you're in a good place but have the need to risk, to feel more, to see what happens? Yet, you get scared and doubt?
I'm sure I'm not alone here, and what a wonderful feeling it is too feel so much, to be confused, to always want to want, want to feel, feel to want more, but how damn complicated it is to figure out what to do with all that jazz.
Life is like a game of chess, they say, you just have to figure out the right moves, keep on moving no matter what; think with your head, follow your instincts, and sometimes, just sometimes, hear what your heart has to say.
You see, if only I could share with you everything that goes on in my head, everything my heart wants and my head argues, or vice versa, I would, but I don't want to bore you with sentimental things, so let's focus on this differently shaped yet also neoprene-like oversized skirt and my new partners in crime, these never ending platform wedges. 
Oh, and these views... 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 photo AL1B2884_2jpg_effected_zpsfbe16e91.jpg  photo AL1B2954JPG_effected_zps04f96da8.jpg

Another of the outfits I put together for my collaboration with Springfield is this combination of black & white & some fun prints.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


 photo AL1B3122JPG_effected_zps89eaa08f.jpg

Last month, together with Zequoia Ziff, my California girl and a genius behind the camera, we went to one of both our favorite coffee places in Madrid, Toma cafe and shot another outfit I picked out for my collaboration with Springfield.
A mix of pandas and stars put together with a parka and my new pair of sneakers that I can't seem to stop wearing.

More on my collaboration with Springfield here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


 photo AL1B2630JPG_effected_zps43c4bcd5.jpg

A few weeks ago Springfield contacted me to let me know they had picked me as their blogger of the month and as a result I could go to my nearest Springfield store to pick out 3 different outfits.

The first outfit I put together with Springfield is this comfy, classic combination of mom jeans, white shirt and a checkered farmer shirt on top.
Of course, because it's me and because I couldn't help myself, I transformed a scarf into a headband to close up the look together with a brown tote bag.

Ever since, I have not been wearing anything else than these pants, sneakers and bag, the everyday basics I now can't go without.

For all the details you can check out their page here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 photo AL1B9878JPG_effected_zpsb0069846.jpg

We all have our methods when it comes to dressing up.
There are certain pieces we always go to, specially when lacking inspiration, time or want to avoid having to put effort when getting dressed.
I for example, always go for a white or striped top with loose mom jeans when one of those days comes along. Sometimes I put on a long t-shirt or a simple colored dress and throw on some kind of vest or jacket that adds that pop of fun, color or simply that something to not look like a walking mess.

Monday, August 4, 2014


 photo IMG_0474JPG_effected_zpsbac7f58f.jpg

Hace un tiempo recibi este kit veraniego de Evax con los ingredientes perfectos para un verano lleno de movimiento. 
Y es que Evax sabe que soy un culo inquieto pero no tienen por que haber situaciones ni circunstancias que impidan que siga siéndolo! 
El kit incluye unas zapatillas, para ir mas cómoda imposible, una cámara polaroid para instantaneamente capturar y poder guardar todos los momentos, y por ultimo, las nuevas compresas de Evax (Evax Liberty)
Y así, estoy lista para ir a hacer de las mías, siempre con el apoyo de Evax y es que sus nuevas compresas son lo máximo, ni las notas, igual de free como las Nike Free Run.

Friday, August 1, 2014


 photo 20140714_7316_zps1ad7f485.jpg

When I can combine a few of my favorite elements together, the result is always as fun as it gets.
ASOS does it when it comes to unique, extraordinary pieces.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 photo IMG_2334JPG_effected_zpsa0321510.jpg

When I received my suit from Atea Oceanie, I somehow assimilated that I am now 25. Don't ask me why, it was just one of those moments when you stop for a minute to think how fast time goes by, how much day by day nothing seems to change but when you look back you realize how everything is different. Four years ago you tell me I would not only be wearing these kind of suits but also loving them and I most probably would have laughed.
Such a simple yet such an elegant combination.
When thinking of how to create this post, my friend Cristina Carranza came to mind. I reached out and asked her if she owned any kind of suit, preferably a white one, so we would contrast and of course, she was up for the adventure. We had lot's of fun thinking of unique but sometimes awkward positions (always resulting in laughs) to show a different perspective.
I first thought of wearing heels instead of flats as the pants are a bit big and long on me, but went for a more casual and sporty approach with these white Zara flats. Funny thing, coincidentally Cris did the same with her awesome Asos flats.

Hope you enjoy the result!